Monday, December 21, 2009

I love a parade

Happy Christmas week, my friends! Got up and out early to beat the shopping rush. I'm a rather anti-chick when it comes to shopping...I don't really enjoy it all. But today the lines were short because it was early-burly, woot! Had to make a couple of trips out to my car to stash all my treasures...

Speaking of good times, here's a picture from the Parade of Lights, an annual event in the Ventura Harbor. I took this pic with my phone from a friend's deck on Saturday night. See the boat and fireworks in the background? Such F-U-N!

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Michelle V said...

The Parade of Lights looks fun! And, I'm with you on the shopping, especially this time of year. If I have to go, I have my list in hand and I'm on a mission to get in and get out!

Michelle V