Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Happy New Year! On a couple of deadlines right now (edits for one book, and writing another one) so the blogging's been sparse. Sorry! My heart's been racing and I feel more overwhelmed than usual, yet I know I'm in a good place because my mind's caught up with the story I'm working on. In other words, I'm thinking/plotting all the time. Good for the novel, but not so good for life.

Here are a few lame-head things I've done in the past couple of days while my mind's been occupado:

* Drove to grocery store instead of bank.
* Made it to the bank, and withdrew cash to buy groceries, etc. Went to grocery store (again) and paid with debit card, totally forgetting I'd just picked up cash (doh).
* Ordered myself a kid's meal at Subway ... didn't have a clue until the cashier asked, "Is this for a girl or a boy?" (And yes, I'm lovin' the cute pink beach bag that came with the meal.)
* Let the chai tea boil over while I was working on a scene ~ SUCH a mess.

Ah, well. When the book I'm working on finally makes it to shelves in 2011, my weirdness will be a distant memory (right???) Anyway, I'm switching gears this evening and looking over the final edits for A Shore Thing which releases this July. That's a pic up there at the top. It's already on Amazon and other places, and I'm excited because it's my first foray into writing a second point of view: the male protag's. Woo-hoo!

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Shelley said...

Hmm...maybe your "cluelessness" could be fodder for another story or a new character...