Friday, January 15, 2010

Book sale for Haiti

Happy Friday my beach-lovin' friends! It's a beautiful day here on the west coast, perfect for a lead in to a weekend Ha ha, you thought I was going to say beachcombing or surfing or something equally beachy. Reality is, our youngest is a soccer tiger and she's in the first of two tourneys this month. So that's where I'll be (probably with a laptop since I've got a ton of writing to do.)

Before I sign off for a few days, wanted to let you know of another way you can help Haitian children. Through this weekend, ALL proceeds from the sales of my first two books, Chocolate Beach and Truffles by the Sea at Julie's Beach Shop will be sent to Compassion International ~ Haiti. A great time to stock up on gifts for other beach-lovin' friends, while also giving to children who desperately need our compassion and generosity.

Have a blessed and beachy weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Julie, thought you might like this article about a Compassion International worker.....,0,2396237.story


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the iphone

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks for the links, Patty. Wow...I'm teary eyed.