Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Me and Jon Lovitz, er, Stephen King

Anyone remember this SNL skit? If you do, you're old, like me. Haha. Anyway, Jon Lovitz plays Stephen King, furiously tapping away on a smith-corola or similar. In those days, Stephen King had so many books out he had to release some of them under a pseudonym.

I'm going from memory here (because I can't find the actual clip online), but as I recall, the interviewer asks Mr. King about his prolificness (yes, it's a word~I looked it up :) and suddenly, inexplicably, the typing stops. Panic overtakes Mr. King and he begins to bemoan his writer's block, uttering phrases like, It's over! I'll never be able to write again! My career is gone!

After a comedic pause, a thought drops into his mind, he blithely says, "nevermind", and then he's back to furiously tapping those keys.

This is so my life.


Need More Words said...

Okay, I cracked up over this.

Julie Carobini said...

Are you admitting to remembering the skit, Diane? (Lol)

Tim King said...

Lemme guess: you get writer's block as soon as the kids get home from school, and they say, "Mom, can Barbs stay over here after school? Huh? Puleeze?"

Oh, that's right; yours are older than that now, aren't they. That's my life.


Diamond said...

I have been looking for that skit for a long time. Anyone know where to find it? Hilarious.

Diamond said...