Monday, November 10, 2008

Writing on Monday--School Holiday

Happy Monday! Elementary Girl's home from school today, and teen kids will be home tomorrow. Ahh, the holidays are upon us...;)

With Elementary Girl home from school, writing is pretty much on the back burner for the day. That's really okay because at times like this I tend to let my mind run free with ideas, and jot them down for later review (i.e., when kids are in school :) With another couple of books coming due, my mind can't completely take a break, so it's a matter of grabbing the ideas when they appear...

The weekend, however, was pretty much work-free (yippee). I managed to finish reading a novel, watch Austen's Mansfield Park (Bliss, I tell you!--the rest of the fam was at a football game between our city's rival high schools), watch Elem. Girl's playoff soccer game, peruse an art show, and attend a special celebration event at church. Super nice weekend out here in CA (although windy enough yesterday to spray our small patch of paradise with palm fronds...)

How about you? What went on in your neck of the world over the weekend? And how do your days change when the kiddos are home from school?


Brittanie said...

No kids but yesterday I baked homemade strawberry cupcakes, oatmeal butterscotch cookies and peanut butter cookies. I have been in the baking mood lately. I am thinking it is a combination of the weather and approaching holidays. :)

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Brittanie--I'm gaining poundage just reading your list of yums, Lol! Good for you...think I'll got get some ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, Brittanie...send some of those yum yums my way....MMMMM. :-)

The weekend in the desert was fantastic. Lots of writing on Sunday and play time up in beautiful Sedona, AZ road biking. OH, the beauty of the red rocks is mesmorizing every time I see it!!

Have a great day!