Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dog Daze

Elementary Girl and I wandered into the local animal rescue shelter the other day--and fell in love with Charlie the dog. Wanted to take him home right then and there, but I've learned, this isn't how it works. First we had to fill out an application. Then we were interviewed. And today? The home/yard inspection. Oh my goodness--who knew? I just hope they don't check under the beds, LOL!

Hopefully, our little pal
will be coming home with us in a day or so. Anyone else ever adopt a pet? What else might we expect?

In other news,
I bought a turkey yesterday. Anyone else find this exciting? It's just that actually plunking down moola for the bird makes the approach of the holidays that much more real, know what I mean? I think you do!

Other than prepping for our new pup
, I'm putting up some new pics in the hallway in time for Thanksgiving. My parents' hall is full of pictures, and we 'affectionately' call it the "Wall of Shame." So, yeah, it's time we had our own shameful display too.

I'm off to sweep the porch! Elementary Girl's beside herself with anticipation of Charlie's arrival. Pray we pass inspection :)


Mrs. Sidney said...

I had to go through the same thing when I adopted my kitty cat in 2003... I thought to myself who it must be easier to have a baby than adopt a pet.

Good luck, I am sure you will pass with flying colors.

Vader's Mom said...

Yeah! I new addition to your family. What a cutie-pie you picked out!!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, Gals. The inspector was late because there's a similar street name in the next town. And then she told us that someone else wanted to adopt Charlie too! Ack. It's terrific that people want to adopt these sweet animals, but we're nervous because we have our hearts set (plus, we were told we were the only ones...)

Bitin' our nails here...and yet trusting God to bring the right little doggie into our fam :)

Anonymous said...

OH, how exciting. I've never adopted a pet, but I wish you well with it.

The Turkey, what for? Is there a holiday coming up?

OH...YEAH...I was hoping if I ignored it, it would slow it's hasty arrival....I haven't even begun to think TURKEY yet. Well, other than that's one of the words in Cheryl Wyatt's November word prompt contest....LOL

Anyway, good luck on the doggie addition to your family.

Rachel Hauck said...

Oh how fun, Julie. I love, love dogs. I'm so glad they do the home investigation though. So many people want a dog and but are not pet people!

My dog Jack, now in heaven, fathered a liter of puppies with the Beagle next door. (Yes, we failed as parents. LOL) I ended up with one of the puppies, long story, then tried to give him away free "to a good home."

Oh man, what a mistake. NEVER do this. I ended up rescuing him three days later. I almost gave him away to a family that sounded really nice, but after rescuing him, I couldn't give him away again.

He was a handful. Fought with his father-dog, who was the sweetest dog ever, but we loved Pal anyway. He died in August and I miss him.

In the mean time, I found a mini Schnauzer walking down the street and knew the moment I stopped to check on her she was ours. I found her owner, who, ta-da, gave her to me. I knew God was giving us this dog. She is such a blessing. We love her to pieces.

Anyway, I wish all people loved animals enough to care for them properly, but unfortunately, they don't.

If you love the dog, play with her, treat her with respect but let her know you're the "alpha" dog, you'll have a great experience.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love, Rachel

Kathryn Cushman said...

Yay Julie!
Dusty the dog was adopted from the local animal shelter. He had been abused and when we first brought him home he was SCARED TO DEATH of strangers, especially men. He's been one sweetheart of a pet, and I'm so glad we adopted him. We've since adopted Boots the cat from the shelter. Another great pet (although perhaps Dusty would argue that one!).
Little Charlie is one lucky pup!!