Thursday, November 06, 2008

Start Spreadin' the News

It's been a few weeks since our trip back east, but I was just looking through some of the pictures and getting nostalgic. So I took this little quiz, several times actually, because I wasn't quite sure if the description works for me. But I did love Greenwich, and actually took this picture of a purple door in the village. Just struck me as cool and funky.

So maybe this non-scientific quiz does have its Let me know how you fare.

You Belong in Greenwich Village

Avant garde and bohemian, you're quick to adopt new ideas and lifestyles.

And while you're a bit less weird these days, you still have a "live and let live" philosophy.


Betsy said...

Well, it picked the Upper East Side for me since I am a conservative and an up and coming blue blood. LOL

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Betsy, That's about the only area of the city we really didn't get to, so I'm not sure what it's like. Another reason to go back to NYC! Have a great weekend!

RefreshMom said...

There's a part of me that likes the idea of the Upper East Side, but it picked Brooklyn for me (which is probably more accurate):

Down to earth and hard working, you're a true New Yorker.
And although you may be turning into a yuppie, you never forget your roots.

On my only visit to NYC, I never got out of the general Times Square area, so all I know of Brooklyn is from watching King of Queens!

Julie Carobini said...

Refreshmom, King of Queens, Lol!!! Well, I walked on the Brooklyn Bridge, and got a ride through Queens from the airport, so I guess I've sort of experienced life there.

Anonymous said...

This is what I got EAST VILLAGE:

A little bit arty, a little bit punk - you seem to set trends that many people follow.
It's likely that you're an academic of sorts, even if it's just on the weekends.

I've never been to NY...this was a fun quiz.

Anne Dayton said...

It picked Brooklyn for me! Which is good, otherwise, I'd have to move.

Julie Carobini said...

So glad you won't have to move, Anne, in this economy :))