Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Idol Chatter

It's been a few weeks since we talked about American Idol. Let us all have a moment of silence. *sniff* Okay, feeling better? First off, have you all heard David C singing Time of My Life on the radio? The first time I heard it I did a double take, then a "turn it up!!!" shout out. It's apparently hitting all kinds of records. He'll be singing the national anthem at the 3rd game of the NBA finals, too :)

And David A just signed a deal with Jive records, same one that signed Jordin Sparks, so losing AI isn't necessarily a bad thing.

And I found Chris Sligh's (from season 6) new release, Running Back to You, on CBD.com. How fun is that? He's also got a praise cd coming out later this month. Always liked him...

In other reality show news, I just read that Amy Finley, last season's Food Network winner, has quit her own show, The Gourmet Next Door, and moved with her family to France for the summer.

Well. I would if I could! How about you? If you could follow a new dream, and money didn't matter, what would it be?


Jana said...

Have you seen that you can advance order David C.'s album? It doesn't even have a release date or a title, but Amazon's selling it for $9.99!

I'd like to take my whole family to the UK for a few months. I went there as a college student and have been longing to return and show my hubby and kids all the cool stuff there!

Mrs. Sidney said...

First, I would quit my job and move to Italy for the Summer!! When we finally came back to San Diego I would do ministry work instead of getting a job. I would love to be able to devote my time to JC.

Have a great day!!


Julie Carobini said...

No, Jana, I hadn't heard. Sounds like a great price that won't last so good idea. And I spent 9 days in England many years ago, and loved it. I think all our kids would get a kick out of the culture.

And Ronel, Italy sounds fabulous. My sis-in-law's family is from there. I'm hoping big time that we'll all go next summer.

Amy said...

I have no idea what my dream is right now, but maybe France.

Love David Cook! :)

RefreshMom said...

I'd do a summer in Great Britain given the opportunity. I'm hoping DH will get a sabbatical someday and he can go "study" there and the rest of us will just enjoy.

(What did you think of the results of Top Chef?)