Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Idol recap

Had a mini-party over here to watch the season premiere of AI--pizza, pie, ice cream. Ugh. I'm sick...not really (but kind of).

Anyhoo, we sat around the plasma
much like I suppose the Walton-esqe families of old gathered around the radio. Together we mocked appreciated all that talent out in Philly. Here are a few standouts, according to Teen Daughter and one of her bffs :) :

"The guy who waxed his chest."

"Star Wars girl."

"Crazy stalker guy." (Me here. Why in the world ??? )

"Temptress." (We all felt sad when she cried and the judges surrounded her with a group hug.)

"Boxing/Horse trainer girl." (Terrific voice, spunky personality)

"Never saw an R--rated movie gal." (Sweet! Nice voice. Just hope Hollywood doesn't corrupt her, as it's wont to do.)

I'm not watching much TV these days, especially since due to striking writers, there isn't anything actually on. Thankfully, AI doesn't appear to need writers as there are plenty of folks in our country willing to do just about anything to get on the small screen (that would explain shiny girl, the vet from PA with a mouth that could use some soap.)

Speaking of which, that's one improvement they could make this year: 86 the bleep outs. Seriously. It's a family show, people, and I was not impressed. I know the writers are striking, but surely contestants can come up with a more mature way to express their disappointment. Or at least, the camera guy could point the lens elsewhere, am I right???

Other than that,
it's on with the show...


Vader's Mom said...

I'm having fun seeing "nice guy" Simon. What's going on?? :)

Julie Carobini said...

Hm, I did see his dark side try to come out a couple of times. Maybe it's just a matter of time, VM!

And Tickled Pink--what did you think of the premiere?

Dionna said...

I didn't like Paula's see-through blouse much either.

Julie Carobini said...

Oh, Dionna, I didn't even notice! ugh. Hope the kiddos didn't either...