Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feeding that addiction

It used to be chocolate. Then coffee. Most recently, an afternoon rendezvous with chai tea. But my newest obsession? Checking book rankings. Actually, checking in to see how my next book--which isn't officially released yet has somehow shown up in bookstores and online--is selling.

Now you'd think that a true friend would step in at this point, perhaps arrange a little intervention. But no. Thanks to a pal who shall remain nameless (KC), I've now registered with this organization so I can track both of my novels with one click. Sick, I tell you.

Of course, the site in question monitors only one source--don't even get me started about all the other ranking sites available. What's that old saying about God helping those who help themselves? Okay, so that's really just a made up saying but still. Somehow I need an intervention and I think it's all up to me.

I think I'll start with chocolate...;)


Tickled Pink said...

Hey Julie - I cannot wait to find your new book and read it! What site is selling it at the moment??

Kathryn Cushman said...

I sure am glad that pal remained nameless!
Here's to ranking and to chocolate!

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Pink!

Truffles is avail. at Parable.com, cbd.com, and NWbooks.com. And one friend told me that she already picked up a copy at her local Berean store.

And right backatcha, Katie ;)

Vintage Wine said...

Oh, I hope that I'll be able to buy your book here in Sweden! I'm so looking forward to reading it :-)

Hope everything's well?


Timothy Fish said...

Every author, it seems, is obsessed with Amazon sales rankings. It's great when a book is selling, but very depressing when it isn't.