Monday, January 28, 2008

Been traveling

Just got in from a funky little beach town up north called Avila. No wireless Internet in the room--can you believe it? Eh, that's the price you pay for wanting to get away from it all, I guess.

Starting this week I'll be runnin' more than usual with a stint as a 4th grade winter camp counselor, my first podcast, other interviews, and a book tour for Truffles by the Sea. Which is why this rather quickly planned weekend away was so very, very welcome ;)

Of course, it wasn't all play. Hubby and I stopped for coffee in San Luis Obispo and just happened to walk by the Parable bookstore when my curiosity peaked and I had to take a look inside. And, yes, Truffles was there--woo-hoo!!! Right next to my pal, Sharon Hinck's, new book--Symphony of Secrets--and on the recommended shelf too. So I signed the copies they had on hand, and dropped off a few bookmarks I found in my wallet, and skipped away with girlish giggles. Yeah, I'm a bit of a goof, but what can I say? I'm eternally grateful for my novelist gig.


Vader's Mom said...

I am always excited to see your books on the shelf. I can't imagine how I'd feel if they were my books!


Damselfly said...

That is the coolest thing.

Sharon Hinck said...

I love being "shelf-sisters" with you!!!!

Big hugs from icy Minnesota!

I'll be watching for Truffles in the stores here, too.