Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Something about a new year makes me want to clean out the dark corners, reorganize the stuff, sail away to a secluded island...okay, that one's not going to happen. But just yesterday, my super-duper creative web designer Kelli updated my website and then changed the font on this blog. Could you tell? Tell me it's not my age, but the letters always seemed itty bitty to me. LOL Anyway, the type's a bit larger, can I get an "Amen!"

So for book club members,
we've added discussion questions for my upcoming release, Truffles by the Sea. There's also an updated blurb about the book, as well as info about obtaining a signed bookplate (free-free-free).

On another note, I'm always amazed (happily) at how often the "your age in chocolate quiz" is taken on my books page. The quiz has little (okay, nothing, actually) to do with chocolate but many of us have bonded over it, so what can I say? It shares at least one attribute with our favorite sweet morsel, am I right?

So what are y'all doing different or new this year? (Notice my careful avoidance of the "R" word...) Other than web changes, I'm planning to pray more, sit around less, and keep it to one or two (three, max!) nuggets of chocolate per hour day. Anybody with me???



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Vader's Mom said...

Well, I can't limit my chocolate intake. I think I've actually increased mine. yikes!