Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thanks, Julie!

May I have a drumroll please? I've just received my very first blogger award (crowd cheers). I'm honored to announce that I've received the thinking blogger a w a r d complements of Julie at Another Chance Ranch. Considering I've got a deadline looming, two classes to teach next week, PMS in a bad way (would that be considered oversharing?), and I. can't. think. at. all. anymore, this is a tremendous honor! So thanks, Julie! If you've not been to her site, go on over and say, Hey.

Now, I believe this is the part where I pass along this honor to five just as thinking blogger friends. Thinking, thinking (I feel like Winnie the Pooh here). Hm. This is a toughie, but here goes. (And don't get all miffed if I don't pick you, sheesh):

Geekwif. One of my very first visitors ever she can discuss the meaning of "religion" and her visit to the laundromat in the snow, all on the same page.

Amanda. We're passing the compliments these days, she and I. But how can I not mention a gal who actually sent me a card by snail mail? A lost art, I tell you.

Robin. Oh, how I miss her old template, but her posts rock. And she's older than me, hee-hee.

Sarakastic. "Sara" and I share a similar passion for (obsession with?) Gilmore Girls. And really, great friends are born over series TV, am I right?

Virginia. She makes me laugh! (And she criticizes because she cares.)

Congratulations one and all!


amanda said...

Oh, you got my card! One more compliment for you---you're the best! Thanks for "thinking" of me!

Sarakastic said...

You deserve it, I'll go vote for you! Congrats

Geekwif said...

Thank you, Julie! I've seen these floating around here and there. Now I have my very own! :) I'm going to go figure out my five and pass it on!

Robin said...

Julieeeeeeee, I'm touched! Touched, I tell you!

Thank you so much for this little means a lot coming from you :). BUT, it does remind me it's been a while since I wrote a "thinkin'" post :/...I think the last one was about my dad's cowboy boots...

Note to self: dig a little deeper, how 'bout it?

Thanks again...happy day, beautiful!

p.s. I miss my old template, too, and if I'd just try a little, I bet I could move it :/.

Damselfly said...

Congratulations, you deserve it!