Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lazy day of summer ...

Had one of those days that's the stuff of dreams. Well, maybe not some people's, but in my laid-back beach chicky's dreams anyway. No soccer, so we dallied around the day together with various members of the household spilling in and out.

The hot sun shone overhead, so D & I set up pre-teen girl and friend in our pedal kayak. Gave them a good shove and a wave, then we walked Charlie the Dog to the beach. Along the way, we passed neighbors on bikes and on foot, and strangers too. This was one of those days when people stroll about with lazy smiles on their faces.

Later on, we headed out for iced coffee, then passed our girls and friends heading back down to the beach. Hubby had some work to do, so I sat in my lounge chair and sketched some possibilities for our backyard re-do on the cheap. (You should see the stack of Sunset and Coastal Living magazines I went through!)

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging because the truth is, life is often, no it's usually, fairly chaotic. I've got deadlines, family beeswax and taxi-driving to do, but for some reason, not today. Have you had those kinds of days? Sure hope so! I'm thankful for a true beachy day ... and for the freedom to live it that way.

Happy 4th of July weekend to all my buddies in the USA. And a beachy rest of the weekend to all my friends ~ wherever you are :)

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