Friday, February 04, 2011

Fade to ... Friday

It's Friday! Yes! It's nippy outside, but the sun's shining overhead so I'm determined to bundle up and get myself to the beach. Fade to Blue is going to print in about a week so there've been all kinds of details to finish up ... but we're almost there. Good feeling!

If you're not on my mailing list, you missed receiving a copy of my latest newsy news. You can read an archived copy of my newsletter ~ where I mention a humorous discussion (sort of ) with a soccer mom about Snooki and me ~ here.

If you're a writer interested in the whole eBook phenomenon, I'm over at the CANblog today talking about my recent experience with publishing one of my own titles in eBook form. It's short and sweet and you can read that here.

I'm off to look at back cover copy of my next summer title ... fun! Hope your day wraps up quickly too, and that you find time to head to the beach or the mountain or wherever makes you happy. Have a beachy weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are :-)


Diane said...

You and Snookie.... eeeeek! :O)

Cami Checketts said...

Very jealous you can run to the beach. Congrats on your release. Can't wait to read it!

Julie Carobini said...

Seriously, Diane! And thanks, Cami ~ hope you like!