Wednesday, February 09, 2011

One thing about the beach I could live without is wind. We get a lot of it. Today the winds howl, palm fronds shoot like missiles, and the plants beg for mercy from the dry ground.

At least it's not freezing here like it is in some parts of the country. Oh, wait. The nights are below freezing in the local mountains ... and guess who signed up to be a counselor at middle school winter camp this weekend? That would be me :-) Love the girls. Not crazy about the cold. Brrr...

Despite the cold, I'm looking forward to seeing what the good Lord has in store for us all up on that mountain. I've been in a weird place for several months, questioning, thinking, praying, trying to make certain decisons ... you know that place? If you're breathing, somehow I think you do!

Anyway, here's to swapping out wind for cold. I'll let you know how it goes ... :)

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Diane said...

Praying He gives you the answers you need and that you mightily impact those girls' lives! :O)