Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pondo 2011

Hung out last weekend with our church's middle and high school kids at winter camp, about 3 hours from the beach. No snow (that's coming this weekend ... grrr), but we did find some leftover patches to play in on camp grounds. And in a last-minute maneuver, we drove north a bit and found a snow-tubing area just south of Snow Valley.

Let me just say ... man-made snow is fast! I couldn't let the young 'uns show me up, so I found myself careening down the steepest, iciest hills face-first on an inner tube. Laughed. My. Head. Off. Okay, not really. It's still attached. But still! The oldest of the group ~ including counselors ~ was like, 21. And then there was me. LOL

And, oh yeah, it was church winter camp so we talked a lot about God. Did you know that YOU are His Masterpiece? Yup, you are! That was the best news of all ~ snow or no snow :-)

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