Monday, January 31, 2011

Extra powdered sugar, please!

I've been working through the galley of Fade to Blue but needed a break. So I'm thinking about food. Isn't this breakfast ridiculous? I'm not a big breakfast person but we were near Solvang yesterday, a little Danish town not far from the coast, and couldn't resist. Pre-teen girl had a soccer game that got us up before 6, so after the game we popped in to Paula's Pancake House for sustenance. Had to wait a 1/2 hour because dozens and dozens of soccer players had the same idea. So worth the wait, though. Those are "Danish" pancakes in the photo. Thin pancakes that were still too big for me to finish, but yum. Probably learning too much about me but I always order bacon and poached eggs with my carbs, Lol

It's Monday and I'm back to eating a bowl of cereal at my desk. Such is life. Have a good one ...

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Diane said...

Chocolate chip pancakes are the best! YUMMY!!! :O)