Monday, November 23, 2009

No shave November

Apparently it's No Shave November, evidenced by this picture of my son. Mothers of teen boys who take part in this ritual know what I'm sayin'! Although yesterday I was chastised by a dad at church for complaining (not so) bitterly about this new look. "He's not doing drugs or partying or drinkin', so a little hair rebellion is all right." But I maintained that I was just doing my job, Lol. We already picked up his senior portraits and you wouldn't ever recognize him--he's as clean cut as can be. Even the guy at the photography studio did a double take, haha.

Ah well, December's coming. (And I'm putting new batteries in the electric razor. Love you, kiddo ;)


Michelle V said...

Our schools have a dress code and the guys have to be clean shaven and hair cut short and neat. And my boys do not like it!

Tim King said...

Interesting. I would have thought the cultural values in central CA would be similar to what we have here at the opposite corner of the US. The scruffy or bearded look is pretty common. I've never even heard of No-shave November. I commonly shave off my own beard and let it grow back again, keeping it on the scruffy side in the summer and letting grow a little thicker in the winter, because of the cold weather.

If anyone complains, maybe just tell them that God gave your son hair follicles on his face, and occasionally he just likes to see that they still work as originally designed. :-)


Julie Carobini said...

My husband's from back Rast, Tim, so I get that. But here on the West Coast having a beard like that (in high school, no less) is more of a novelty. I can't wait until Dec. 1!!!

And Michelle, I don't think there's a code about that at his school. Or maybe the teachers are just having too much fun--and looking the other way :)