Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mental holiday

All of my Otter Bay Novels mention Hearst Castle on the coast of California, but the heroine of the book I'm currently writing (book 3) spends a lot of time there. A lot. Which makes me want to blow this popsicle stand and head on up to Hearst's 'castle on the hill', you know, for research. I can only write so much from memory, people! What I really need to do is tour the castle, maybe take a stroll along the San Simeon pier (where Hearst's famous guests often disembarked from yachts), and then grab a bite in nearby Moonstone Beach.

Is this so much to ask???

On an exceedingly more important note, Happy Veteran's Day! Get out there and hug a vet today. Dad, I'm on my way over...;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Very cool thing they have at Hearst Castle.....nightime tours - it is a cool way to see the home at night - being 'lived in' by people in costume, playing cards, partying, etc......(at least they had this ten years ago......)


Anonymous said...

P.S. Be sure to check out the google page today -- very cool veteran's day tribute.

Julie Carobini said...

Saw it...and loved it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must go on a research trip to Hearst Castle. What a beautiful setting--another place on the west coast that I miss. Do they have anything special going on for the Christmas holidays? Here on the east coast, we have The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC...lovely, especially during the holidays!

RefreshMom said...

I could tell you the story of when not-quite-yet-Hubs proposed to me on the San Simeon pier. (A near mishap with the ring threatened the whole thing!)

btw--we'll be spending part of Thanksgiving week just down the road from there. Will you be in the neighborhood?

Julie Carobini said...

I wish we were in the Cambria area on Thanksgiving, Refreshmom, but alas, we'll be having a quiet day at home. Enjoy the beauty!