Monday, November 16, 2009

Internet's up ... & new interview

Our Internet connection went down last Friday so I took that opportunity to cancel that service and go with a faster one. This meant no Internet all weekend. I thought we'd go crazy. My youngest looked at me all moon-eyed yesterday and said, "Life's so boring without Facebook, Mom." I told her to go read a book (although it took everything within me not to opine about the old days when the TV had ears and my bookshelf overflowed with the Nancy Drew series...)

I have to say, though, that it almost felt like a vacation. A productive one because I got a lot more done around the old hacienda without the Internet beckoning. I know we could have gone to Sbucks for wi-fi, and admittedly, three of us have iPhones, so it's not that we weren't occasionally checking for that all-important-super-urgent email that just might come through. But all in all, we survived the weekend just fine.

Ah well. The main connection is live, but I'm off to buy a router so the whole fam can be back in business. T'was fun while it lasted...

One more thing! Rel over at Titletrakk interviewed me the other day, and some of the questions were, uh, out of the norm ;) You can read that interview, including how my kids describe me at Titletrakk.


collettakay said...

We were without internet a few days when we switched providers. I can't even tell you how many times we went to get on the internet because we forgot we coulnd't. Habits are hard to break.

Glad to hear you're online once agan.

Julie Carobini said...

I hear you, Colletta. I think we should all have our Internet go down every once in a blue moon (oooh, is that a monstrous shudder I just heard? ;)

Seriously, we're glad to up and running again too.

Dan Navarro said...

I'm a little older than some of you gals, so I remember days when there was not only no Internet, there was no television, and we had only ONE telephone in the house... and it was attached to the wall. One telephone for a family of five.

Somehow, we survived.


Julie Carobini said...

ONE telephone for a family of five. That's worse than a b&w tv with ears!!!

Michelle V said...

Great interview!!