Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Been feeling puny since Saturday, but I'm pushing through. With so many people falling ill with swine flu (one of our friends got it!), I'm thankful it's only a cold. But still...hate being sick. Blech. On the upside, I'm reading a fun and very chocolaty romance novel for possible endorsement, so at least I have another reason to curl up with a book (and ignore the dustbunnies around me).

So what do you do when your sick? Do you tell your fam to fend for themselves, then crawl under the covers and pout? Or paint on a stoic face and trudge on through? I've got one foot in each camp, I think.

Tried to find a picture of Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly with a cold in You've Got Mail. Couldn't find one, but this one works. Remember how she had this cute little sneeze and hardly looked sick? Yeah, that's realistic (not).


Michelle V said...

Yes, I remember that from the movie! Love that movie!

I used to have to trudge through, being a single mom, when my kids were younger. Now that they're teenagers, I let them fend for themselves and welcome any rare offers of help that come from them. I usually curl up with a book and hide!

Feel better soon!


Edna said...

Granddaughter had that flue but thank God they caught it in time and she is ok now, I stayed away from her. I have enought wrong with me without getting the flu,
Hope you feel better soon.


Sue said...

Sorry to read you're under the weather Julie - hope you feel better very soon!

I am a HUGE baby when I'm sick... some things never change. Fortunately it's just the two of us so hubby can fend for himself ;-)

Get well soon & enjoy your read!

Julie Carobini said...
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Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, friends. Feeling stronger. Sipping more theraflu tonight, but seriously, I'm better. Take care--J

Anonymous said...

Kids are grown (Yes!), so it's just me and hubby, so I snuggle under the covers with Popcorn (not popcorn, but my malti-poo,Popcorn!)and sleep away. If I'm up to it, I light a fire, crawl to the sofa, and watch "You Got Mail", one of my favorite movies to watch in the fall.