Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling 'glee' ful ;)

Happy Wednesday (the weekend's a-comin' ;). If you're a writer or interested in marketing, I've posted over at the CAN Blog today. Feel free to stop by.

My elves have been busy filling beach shop orders while I've been researching/writing my next book. I'm taking a break, though, because my youngest made the honor roll, and there's a ceremony soon (such a smarty, that girl). Then it's church small groups tonight, complete with hot apple cider to usher in Thanksgiving. Busy times, but life is good, eh?

Have a beachy rest of the week, my friends ~ wherever you are! I'll stop back in when something fabulous happens. Feel free to tell me about your week~I'd love to hear it!
p.s. Glee's on tonight, yippee :)


Sue said...

Sounds like a very busy evening. Do you PVR Glee? I'll be watching!

Julie Carobini said...

Yes, we recorded it, Sue. Loved it...except for the rather stereotypical 'Christian' parents. For such a creative show, you think they could've thought beyond that box!