Tuesday, February 03, 2009

moving picture show

I posted a preview here a few weeks ago, but now it's official: the SWEET WATERS video is now on the BHFiction Channel over on YouTube. I've been told that my video trailer is the first on the channel!

Even if you've already seen it, I'd love it if you'd pop on over and give it a rating. Would you?

You can also subscribe to the BHFicton channel (upper right on YouTube linked page), and be one of the first to see new B&H videos as they are released.

Enjoy! And have a beachy day my friends--wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

GREAT video. I saw it before. Just went there now again.

Good job. I'm so happy for you.

Angi said...

Man - I hate that I'm going to have to wait till August to read it! Would of loved it in June for my beach trip! Looking forward to it!