Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Confessional: Obsession, Part II

So yesterday I confessed my infatuation with The Bachelor. By the number of hits on this blog, it seems there are many more like me. Kudos to the brave souls who commented ;)

Whether the conspiracy theory turns out to be true doesn't really matter, because I've (finally) realized that I'm not having fun anymore. I'm over it. Meh.

So what about the the whole 'life imitating art' thing I mentioned yesterday? It occurred to me that in my next book, Sweet Waters, heroine Tara is a rational, organized, first-born. She's protective of her sisters and has helped her somewhat flighty mother care for them ever since the death of their father six years prior.

she's obsessed with Eliza Carlton, the lead character on her favorite Soap, Quartz Point. So much so that she reads the soap's daily digest online every night and often mentally consults with Eliza for advice as if she's real.

I confess. When I wrote Tara, I thought, poor girl. I mean, seriously, how could she possibly get so wrapped up in the life of someone on TV? Isn't that a little over the top? Maybe. But then again, so is believing that what I've been witnessing on The Bachelor week after week has been playing out as naturally as the cresting of a wave. Sigh. Right.


Didn't want to sign off without mentioning last night's show. Based on performances, I'd guess that Allison, Megan and Adam will get the votes. Sad for Kai--he treats his mama well so I was hoping he'd do better :). Alas, not so much. So. What say you?


RefreshMom said...

Nice way to get people interested in the book! ; )

Seriously, years ago I worked for an NBC affiliate and got into the soaps that were on when I'd come into work. They couldn't be escaped; there were at least 40 monitors in my work area with them playing!

During that time, another network started the "first daily primetime soap." It was on during my dinner break when I had nothing else to do but sit in the lobby upstairs watching a different network. I knew it had all gone too far though when I found myself thinking about the characters during other times of the day. Not just re-hashing the story lines, but thinking of them in the "I wonder what so-and-so is doing" sense. Definitely brought me back to reality and helped me switch it off!

(And I'll confess I feel like you do about this season's bachelor; if what RealitySteve is saying is true, I'm definitely done with that franchise!)

Sarah said...

When you say you're over it, do you mean you're DONE with the Bachelor? In 24hrs? That was fast!;)
This Idol season is making me cringe more than ever. I don't know why.
I liked Allison, Mishavonna and Jesse. I agreed with Simon about Adam - parts were good, parts were not but I think he'll be around for a long time.
And I think your top 3 are spot-on...Are you voting yet?

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Sarah,
Yeah, but I'm kind of ADD and make decisions fast, Lol. I really am tired of the Bach, but I will go online Monday to see how this plays out. Still curious.

We like Mishovanna too. My girls do the voting so I asked them to vote for Kai as my sentimental favorite ;), but the show has felt 'off' to me so far.

Hey Refreshmom--Wow, sounds like you couldn't escape it at all ;) Glad you can relate though.