Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Confessional: Obsession, Part I

Hello, my name is Julie and I'm addicted to The Bachelor.

It has to stop.

While I've not watched all the episodes, this particular season intrigued me. For those who have been smart enough to stay away from the series, this year's bachelor is last year's reject: Jason, a handsome-enough, single dad of one super cute 4 year old boy named Ty. It was played up last year that Ty's mother abandoned him and Jason, but this year the word is that Ty's mom is actually involved in his life.

Hm. That should have been my first clue that there was mischief in the making. Unfortunately, I fell hard for the series this season, particularly because of Melissa the sweet, gentle and seemingly obvious choice for Jason. Unlike other years when I had to switch off the show because of gratuitous intimacies that, frankly, grossed me out, this year there's been far less of that. So like much of America--apparent by the number of Melissa/Jason videos set to music and posted on YouTube--I fell for the romance that appeared to be brewing.

Then this week I learned about RealitySteve, a blogger who's been dishing on The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for 15 years. Only this year he's got a spoiler theory that will break hearts--and if he's correct--turn stomachs. Who knows if any of what he says is true? Anybody's guess, but I'll admit that my own observations plus this guy's have left me with questions. I'll leave it at that. For those who want to know more, go here, but you'll have to wade through a lot of info and of course, read at your own risk.

All this to say that my plan is to go online next Monday evening and find out ahead of time the validity of this widely-spread spoiler. I'm on Pacific Std. Time, so no reason to waste my night waiting to be manipulated by a reality show that, accuracy or no, is anything but real.

Which leads me to my reason for the confession. Let's just say it has to do with life imitating art, and there'll be more on that tomorrow...!


Sarah said...

Lol, Julie. It's okay! You're amongst friends here:) I haven't really gotten into the Bachelor since I quit watching a few years back but it seems like all everyone can talk about this season.
I've heard rumors that the whole thing is rigged so I'm telling myself that's why I'm not watching but the truth is so is The Hills and possibly (I hope not)Idol and I watch religiously.
Maybe I'm just afraid of getting too attached? Because do I really need another reality show to waste non-refundable hours of my life?

Mrs. Sidney said...

So, I am with you about Melissa and I went and check out that website and I am a little bummed.. however he may be the smartest bachelor in history if it works because usually they pick the one they have the most passion with and it doesn't work. Maybe what he has with her is something they can build a real relationship on... I can't wait to watch!!! I am so addicted to this season.