Monday, February 02, 2009

Back from Camp!

Returned last night from 48 hours of non-stop camp adventure. That's me on my bunk, underneath the magazine. Within an hour of being in the frigid mountains with a cabin-full of 5th grade girls, I was already dreaming of Maui. Ha ha ha.

Had a smaller group with me this year, so we had to share with another church. A different counselor knocked on the cabin door and dropped off three girls saying, "Their counselor's not here yet, so here you go." Or something like that. Fortunately, the newbies in our cabin were friendly and funny and our two church groups melded the way only preteen girls can. Seriously, they taught me a thing or three.

But then the girls told me all about their counselor, the one yet to arrive:

"She's so funny!"
"She's the best counselor ever!"
"Oh, and she's super skinny!"
"She works as a'll love her!"

Gah. Did I need this kind of pressure??? Life's. not. fair!

Haha--as it turns out, Trish was all those things, but Godly and likeable too (our God has such a sense of humor, don't you think?) We ended up being a super good match, as we're both night owls and fairly laidback. We kept the girls safe, of course, but c'mon! It's camp! We wanted them to live a little, ya know? Hopefully, they soaked up all God had for them and enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them ... :)

I'd like to say that I'm off to take a nap, but no. My dear, sweet, lovable editor, Karen, just sent me a boat load of work (thanks, friend ;p) So I'll be workin' until my eyes just won't stay open. I'll check back in, though, so here's a question for you former campers or counselors:

What's the funniest experience you've ever had at camp?


Sarah said...

I remember getting my foot stuck in one of the bunks, freaking out and (as if I wasn't humiliated enough) my friend going to look for help and coming back with one of the leaders. I still haven't really lived the whole thing down;)
I'm glad you had a good w-end!

Julie Carobini said...

Sarah, isn't it great to have friends who at parties say things like, "Hey, remember the time you (fill in embarrassing moment here)?"

Yeah, it was a good weekend. Sorry about your foot :)