Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol, Round 1

Sarah wrote last week to ask if I was still on the AI boat, and the answer to that is, well, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! It may be somewhat hokey and filled with a bit of corn, but AI has become a ritual in our house, a bonding experience, if you will.

Instead of the usual 24 contestants vying for the top 12 (or really, the top 10, since those are the only ones to go on tour), this time 36 singers compete. We saw 12 last night. In case you're wondering, here's how the new system works:

The top vote-getter of each sex automatically advances to the Top 12. The next highest vote-getter of either sex also gets in. For everyone else, their only hope is to make the wild-card round, either as the next highest vote-getter or as a special pick by the judges. (A grand effort to avoid having a terrific singer get 'Daughtry-ed')

So what did you think? Did you agree with those rascally judges last night ... or not?

I agreed with the judges and loved (loved! loved!) both sultry Alexis and heroic Danny. However I disagreed with them concerning AnnMarie, and maybe even a little about Michael.

Both Alexis and Danny deserve the top pick, and as for the next top? I'm going to guess the public will vote in ... Jackie (or possibly Tatiana--Vote for the Worst's top pick--sigh)


Sarah said...

I liked Danny and Alexis as well but don't you get the sense the producers are trying to push Danny onto us? And I couldn't decide who worse last night with the over-excitement - Paula or Kara. I still like both though;)
Oh, I cringed when I saw Stevie Wright self-destruct right before our eyes. It was so sad! Lol.
And I really like Anne-Marie but I'm sensing Tatiana might be around for a little while.
Thanks for posting your thoughts - I didn't realize you were Twittering before:)

Brittanie said...

I liked Danny and Alexis as well. I also liked Anoop. Everyone else I can live without. My old boss at work and I still talk "Idol" talk. lol :)