Thursday, October 30, 2008

Writing on Friday--Marketing & Rachel Hauck's Book Trailer

Happy Friday, my friends! (Okay, so it's Thursday, but for some reason, I'm gunnin' for the weekend ;)

Anyway, B&H Publishing Group has created a book trailer for SWEET WATERS, but this isn't it...LOL I'll be posting that sometime in the new year. However, I found this trailer for Love Starts with Elle after author Rachel Hauck visited this blog the other day. I've already read the book and loved it, so wanted to show you this fun and fabulous trailer that she created.

I've been on the fence about trailers for awhile, mainly because like some books, they just don't hook me. However, my publisher has been creating some terrific book trailers that you can view over at the B&H site (Click on one of the books listed to see if there's a trailer for it.)

What do you think? If you're a reader, do you watch book trailers? Why or why not? If you're a writer, do you think they're helpful in spreading the word about your books?

Regardless, I think you'll find Rachel's trailer creative and easy on the eyes. So is her book :)

Have a beachy day, my friends--wherever you are! On Monday, I'll tell you about a delicious non-fiction book I'm currently devouring. See you then :)


Mrs. Sidney said...

I liked the clip... it was good. I haven't read either book but I just put them on my list.

As a reader I pick books on author, friends recommendations and through book club.

Have a great weekend.

Rachel Hauck said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug. I was like you, iffy about trailers, but the idea for this one came and it was different, so I went for it. :)

Can't wait for your book to come out Julie. Karen Ball is building enthusiasm out there for it!

Hugs, Rachel

Anonymous said...

Great trailer. It's cute. I haven't read the books yet, list just grew....Oh, I need more hours in the day to read.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I dunno. I loved the book. Not so much on the trailer. Why do I have to be the odd ball? I guess there are many ways to hook a new reader and my hooks aren't the same as Jane Doe over there. Imagine that, we're not all the same.