Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Delicious Doings

This is cool. I found Truffles by the Sea on this site. It's at a low price and 5% of the order price will be donated to your school of choice. Just thought I'd share...

Speaking of giving back, Teen Son brought scones home from his chef-ing class yesterday. Is chefing a word? Hm. Anyway, he's been taking a culinary arts course that requires an internship at a local restaurant, and let me just say, I'm not opposed to this. So far he's brought home all kinds of leftovers: buttery scones, chopped onions (there's a right way to do this apparently), quiche (real men eat it you know), fattening chocolate cookies...can't wait to see what's next (although does my waistline really want to know ???) My author buddy Katie Cushman tells me all this chef-e-ry in my home reminds her of Jake from Truffles by the Sea. Lol...I'd have to agree.

Btw, I'm reading a new book about chocolate and friendship, and so far, it's marvelous (and delicious!). More on that when I've had the chance to devour read the entire book.


Mrs. Sidney said...

Thanks for the interview.. I have posted the giveaway!!

Vader's Mom said...

Is he willing to share with some "starving" people in TX?? :)