Tuesday, July 17, 2007

last day to vote for ...

Food Network Star. Okay, so maybe you thought this post was book related. haha. I haven't mention this earlier, not sure why, but we've gotten fairly addicted to Food Network Star, a reality show that doesn't actually end when the camera goes off. It's kind of like American Idol in that the winner will receive their own Food Network Show (but they won't have to sing). Each week the contestants are put through excruciating culinary challenges, and then the judges send one (occasionally, two) home.

Last Sunday, the final three got five minutes each on the Racheal Ray show to demonstrate their sig. dish before a live audience. My palms were sweating just watching. In the end, the judges sent Amy packing. Rory and Jag would be the final two to sweat it out to see who would get their own show.

But not really.

Turns out Jag had "misrepresented" several facts about his culinary training and military service. Sigh. Say it ain't so.


Quick diversion...in a way, I'm glad my kids can see the consequences of these things. Jag made it this close, but those lies took it all away.

Anyway, Amy was invited back, and now the public has through today to vote for the gal who'll be the next Food Network Star. (Ha--that sounded like one of the promos.)

We love 'em both, but we're rooting for Rory. We all have our own reasons, but mine is kinda personal. Rory puts her foot in her mouth on a regular basis, so I can relate to her the best. Oh, and her food looks good too.

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