Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh Sun and Sand, Where Art Thou?

Last Sunday's baking 85+ degree weather was an abberation, an abberation, I tell you! Sigh. The sky's been mucky all week. On the upside, I've got writing goals to meet, and wouldn't have gotten out there to enjoy it anyway.

But here's the thing: The beauty of cyber tours is I can beach hop and nosh on bon bons in my home office, no matter the weather. So can YOU! It's a beautiful thing. So I wanted to let you know that tour stops continue to be added to The List, so please take a sec and check out where I'll be and when.
Thanks again to all my hosts! Here's a chocolate kiss for ya'll--mu-waah!


katie cushman said...

Thanks for the chocolate Julie. Not only lucious, but calorie free!

Sharon Hinck said...

Hey, Julie!
I mentioned my beach-envy of you on my blog - along with photos of a Minnesota version of a sandy beach in March (yes, it included sun, sand, um....and snowbanks and ice floes).

Pop on over and see my pictures of the four day "beach getaway" that my hubby and I had to the Northern shore of Lake Superior. :-)