Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hello from Mt. Hermon!

It's like I've gone from one great family gathering to another. My brother Mikey and his beautiful bride, Rita, were happily married last night, so this a.m. I headed to the Santa Cruz area to catch up with the Mt. Hermon writer's conference. Got here about 10:30, after way too much coffee, and immediately caught up with writing-buds Sharon Hinck and Camy Tang and Patti Hill.

I've been attending this conference for years, usually fretting through the whole thing hoping not to have spinach stuck in my teeth while pitching an idea to an editor. Thank God for the friends God has brought me along the way. Like Erica Faraone who I haven't seen in ten years but who I've email prayed with many times (she sang beautifully tonight, btw). And Barbara Curtis, who I've admired ever since my first conference when I found out that the mother of 12 sells hundreds of articles a year (she's blogging tonight too, btw). Then there's Kathryn Cushman, a new Bethany House author and friend who lives just a half hour from me, and who saved me from the effects of too much onions for lunch with a Listerine tab (thanks, Katie!) Also got re-aqcuainted with Jenn Doucette. Haven't read her work yet, but I hear that her books are funny. After having dinner with her tonight, I so get that. And did I mention that Becky Miller and I yakked by the side of the road for nearly an hour tonight?

Learned a few things about writing too, but I'm too pooped at the moment to remember exactly what. I'll make notes next time and get back to ya...:-)

Tomorrow's Palm Sunday--God Bless!


Vintage Wine said...

Sounds very inspiring! I love the feeling og meeting old & new friends and learning new things together... It's such a good feeling!
Have a nice Sunday!

Camy Tang said...

It was great to see you, too! The conference has been terrific for me!