Monday, March 05, 2007

Chat with my end cap buddy!

Today I'm talking with author, friend, and end-cap buddy, Sharon Hinck! Sharon and I met last year at the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference and quickly became friends. Sharon's the author of The Secret Life of Becky Miller, and the recently released, Renovating Becky Miller. Please follow this link to read the first part of our chat. Then c'mon back for the last half. We hope you have as much fun as we're having :]]


In answer to Sharon's question:

Julie: Hey thanks, Sharon! Yes, I think I always have loved to write. It’s in my blood, I guess. My grandfather owned a Spanish newspaper, and he also wrote for La Opinion. My father wrote freelance and recently self-published a book on Silent Films, and my mother writes freelance (and inspires me daily!). As far as my recent reads? I loved Renovating Becky Miller, and I’m not just saying that! Some interesting perspective in there on how ministry can turn into marketing and how poor Becky has to rise above it. I also loved how Becky daydreamed about movies, with her as the main character—lol. Oddly enough, I was able to guess just about every movie in there without flipping to the list in the back. Right now, I’m also reading The Mitford Bedside Companion, by Jan Karon. Love it! Of course, I’ve got a stack of others I’d love to get to…sigh.

And Sharon! I’ve heard that we’ll be endcap buddies at stores in the near future! How fun is that? But guess what? I stopped at the Parable Stores in both San Luis Obispo and Atascadero—and we were already hanging out together! Here’s a pic of my mother, Elaine, and me, next to an endcap display of our books (And nope, I did not set this up. They were like that when I got there! -]]

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Cool, huh?

Sharon: Very cool!

Julie: Now that our “babies” are growing up and coming into their own, what’s up next for you, Sharon? Still writing? (ha!) Still loving it? Give me the scoop!

Sharon: My next novel, The Restorer, releases in May from NavPress, the first of a series, with book two coming out in September, book three in January, and then two more stand-alone novels coming out with Bethany House in 2008. How about you? When’s the next story coming out? What’s it about? Do tell!

Julie: Um, you’re busy, girlfriend. Congrats on all of it, and may you find peace and rest!

My next story will be out in early 2008. The title’s currently in a state of flux, but it involves seashells and bon bons—yum!—so really, what else do you need to know? LOL Anyway, it’s second in the Ventura beach series, this time focusing on Bri’s best pal, Gaby, who after a series of near catastrophes, resolves to be Gullible No More! Other stories are also in the works, so feel free to pop in and visit my beachy website for updates anytime: You can also sign-up to receive news on my home page.

Had a blast, Sharon! Let’s do this again, sometime, okay? Thanks to all who’ve stopped by today, too. WE APPRECIATE YOU!


Brenda said...

This is great; 2 of my favorite writers sharing together. I enjoyed your fun girlfriend-chat! And, I look forward to more books from each of you. :)

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