Monday, March 27, 2006

It's a Beautiful Mornin'...

Sun’s shining today in California. Is that redundant? Actually, it’s been rather rainy/cloudy/windy the past few weeks. If you’re in many other parts of the country, you’re probably used to it. Me? Not so much. So when the clouds part and the sun shines after winterish weather of any length, we Californians join with the angels in singing a rousing chorus of Halleluia, and head outside.

I’ve got just a week until I receive those edits I mentioned last week, the revision suggestions to my book. In the meantime, I want to lay down more pages of the next book I’m working on. (You know, before it’s time to switch gears and return to the story of beach girl Bri Stone and her crazy life.) The kids are in school this morning, the sun’s rising in the east, so I too am heading outside, to give my new characters some fresh air and time to jostle around in my brain while I wander the neighborhood. Here’s hoping they do something fabulous in there, so I can dash home and spill the next scene onto blank page.

If you’re a writer, what do you do to prep for your next writing session? Are you an outliner? A seat of the pants (SOTP) writer? Storyboarder? Or maybe you do something rather outlandish, like hanging upside down from a thick tree branch until the story of the century (and lots of blood) fills your head. What do you do?


Chaos-Jamie said...

I'm totally whacked. I know how the story is supposed to start. I write and re-write that first chapter for about a year. Eventually, and ususally over a boring business dinner or while I'm frying an egg, taking a shower or brushing my teeth, the end comes to me. I mull over how to get from A to B and write the whole thing in about six weeks. I THINK that makes me SOTP but is is really, or did I just never write the plot down?

Julie Carobini said...

Yes, Jamie, it sounds like you're an SOTP! Some of my favorite writers write that way :-)