Friday, March 03, 2006

Freaky Friday

I don’t know about you, but traditionally, Fridays are pretty slow email days around here. It’s disturbing. No, not that I don’t get much cyber traffic on that day, but that I care so much. Remember that line in Sleepless in Seattle where Rosie O’Donnell’s character is whining about how men just don’t converse the way women want? It goes something like: “Verbal ability in a man is highly overrated and our pathetic need for it is…blah, blah, blah…” For some reason, I hear myself in that line. Today I’m moping, just knowing that my inbox will sit quiet for most of the day. So in my head, I’m chiding myself with a similar line: “E-mail frequency on Friday is highly overrated, and my pathetic need for it is…blah, blah…”

You get the picture. So, if you’re so inclined, post a comment today, and put me out of my Friday misery. Tell me what you thought about the castoffs from American Idol last night (my daughter was horrified that Heather was let go). Tell me what you’re reading these days (it’s another rainy day in CA—three days this year! Time to hit the bookshelves :-) If you’re a writer, help me further avoid my WIP and drop me some shop talk.

Okay, now, bring it on!


Corina Bowen said...

woooooooooohooooo-- I am the first to chase away your Friday Blues!
Just found your blog from Holymama's..
Gotcha on my favorites list!

HolyMama! said...

hi Julie!! Mike and I tivo American Idol and watch it together whenever we can. So we've seen the Tue and Wed show but not the Thur. I can't remember who Heather is. The blond who wore the black strapless pantsuit? Cause I'm not grieving if that's who is gone. I would be really annoyed if Taylor or Mandisa left, because they rock.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I'm all for the four that went home last night. But the thrill of the night for me was to see Carrie sing. I'm pathetic. I feel like I have a vested interest in her after trying to vote last year and not getting through for a solid hour.

I totally understand the Friday email blues.

Welcome to ACFW. I can't wait to read your beach book.

And come on over to my blog sometime so you can fill my inbox!

Julie Carobini said...

Hey holymama!,
I think heather wore the black strapless number, not sure. She has long blond hair and is very pretty, but her voice wasn't very strong. Anyhoo, I just heard that Mandisa was a singer with the Beth Moore group. Neat, huh?

HolyMama! said...

seriously? mandisa and beth moore? I didn't think i could like either of them more, but whoah. i do!
i came back just to say hi and give your email a lift, but i am so glad i did.

i sound like beth moore. same accent. this may not be a good thing.

Geekwif said...

Looks like you had a little company to squelch those Friday blues a bit.

I've never watched American Idol, so I can't comment there. I can, however tell you that I am currently reading Mansfield Park. I've been on a Jane Austen kick for a while now.

Reading her books makes me long for the days when people actually spoke English – real, true, rich English with a full vocabulary. It's so sad how dumbed down our language has become. I'd love to speak like the characters in one of her books, but can you imagine the looks a person would get if they spoke that way today? No one would understand what they were saying!

Anyway, I've blathered on long enough. Hope you have a great weekend with lots of good comments to keep those blues away!

Lauren said...

Well, it's still Friday here so this comment counts as helpful no matter what boring, right?

Great... now I get writer's block. I'll have to give you a rain check. Get it, rain check? I crack myself up. :)

Kathi Macias said...

Hey, Julie!

Saw your intro on ACFW. Welcome!!!


Anonymous said...

mom mom mom

heather wore a really cute brown shirt and she sang HERO by Maria Carey

her voice wasn't really strong because she had just got kicked off and she was probably trying not to cry