Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On Traveling the World ... and other Adventures

So I read that story today about the family of 14 (!) that sold everything, bought an RV, and are now livin' the dream, baby! So naturally, I sent the link to the article to my three kids, copied my hubby, and told everyone to "pack your bags." So far only one of the three kiddos answered me, and here's what he said: "No."

Well, at least he responded.

Part of me wants to ask this family if they're - how shall I put this? - nuts.

The other part of me is inspired.

Inspired to purge our home of unnecessary clutter, to spend more time outside together rather than behind our iPods/iPhones/laptops, and to let every day be the "weekend," as the father pronounces. Kind of hard to make a living with that last one, but whatevs.

And there's the little problem of our middle child who's at college across the country at the moment (She could always study online, right?)

Sigh. Truth is, I've never really liked camping. Glamping - yes, but camping? Not so much. And five of us in a long, narrow room on wheels could become rather, um, stinky.

What I'm most intrigued by, though, is the idea of living a life that's unexpected, that isn't so much concerned about prepping for the next day as it is about experiencing each and every moment, a life that's more about the journey and less about checking a box.

I'm well aware that I look hideous in this photo, but I don't care. This is College Girl and me last year when we (and Teen Girl) were traveling the country in search of the perfect college. We flew the red eye and got to NYC at - hear me - 2 am our time!!! We took a cab to Times Square, found a Starbucks and reveled in a city that actually does sleep. Yup, that's Times Square at about 5:30 am, and it's empty.



Anonymous said...

An interesting post. It's just my hubby and I now, but we are still entertaining this idea. We are into keeping only the necessities. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Susan Fryman

Vader's Mom said...

Cool idea! I would love to be able to road trip like that, but I can't keep my hubby on the ground that long :)

Julie Carobini said...

I cannot lie, gals - I think about it more than I let on. Methinks I'll have to lobby for this after the kids are all out on their own ...

VM ... I flew a lot last year and always wondered if we'd run into your hubby :)

Janalyn Voigt, creating worlds of beauty and danger said...

Thanks for this. I have similar mixed feelings about such a drastic change. It's fun to think about.