Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shifting tides

I'd like to say that I waded through the tide today, but not so much. Today was all about catchin' up: laundry, errands, the dreaded FAFSA. That's the Federal financial aid for college application. Blech.

Then again, maybe I did wade through the tide after all. Only it was at a higher-than-ideal level and carried with it a stiff current.

On the flipside, Teen Girl and I picked up orange chicken bowls from Panda Express for lunch, so it wasn't all work today =). And later, she and I hit the grocery store for the all-important task of choosing the perfect snack for a hangout with friends she'd be attending. Couldn't decide between chocolate eclairs or cream puffs. Chocolate Eclairs. Cream Puffs.

So, of course, she bought both. Scratch that. I bought both. Although why I did not think to buy a third box for my dessert-loving self, I do not know. (Then again, my hips are incredibly grateful for the oversight.)

Ah, well, there's always tomorrow, right? Here's to glorious Sundays and the grace to start again. Pass the chocolate ...

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