Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pink sky at night ...

I'm a little embarrassed by the hysteria in California over the cold weather. Yes, it's been colder than usual. It's in the 40s when I run early in the morning, and 50s-low 60s during the warmest part of the day.

But for goodness sake ... there are people in other parts of the country who have to shovel snow just to get to their car before work. Something tells me their seat heaters (if they have them) only help so much in weather like that.

Despite the cooler "sky is falling" weather in CA, the sky was blue and the ocean even bluer today. And after a week of working indoors, I knew--I had to get outside. So Teen Girl and I played hooky from homework (her) and housework (me) and headed a few miles up the coast to the Carpinteria Bluffs. We climbed down a rocky path to the beach and spent more than an hour photographing wild life: sea anemones, snowy plovers, sand pipers, sea lions, and even a shell or two. Had to wear a down jacket and thick scarf in the low 50s climate--okay, all you folks from the east, stop laughing--but it was worth it just to see God's glory up close.

I'll be posting some of those pics in the next couple of weeks--not to gloat, mind you, but to INSPIRE you! Hope you enjoy. Check back soon ... and have a beachy weekend, WHEREVER you are =)

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