Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Work it till you burn it ...

Teen girl and I joined a gym recently, but I've only been in twice. Like everything else that's worthwhile, it takes some planning and energy to actually get there. I keep saying I'm going to write early, then go workout in late morning. Only I get caught up with other things and never make it. Then I have to go with her in the evening when it's busy.

She thrives on the crowds that are at the gym at night. I get tense just looking for a parking space. She wants to move to The City when she's out of high school, I just want to sit on the beach. See our issues?

Today I'm going to make it. I'm typing this just to make sure. I lead a small group of teens in my home tonight, and the dog hair needs to be swept up around the house, I need to plan the actual study, and I have a chapter to write, but dadgumit, I'm going to make it to the gym this morning! (Maybe someone can check back and see if I actually did :).

What do you drag your feet about?
p.s. I posted this photo of SpongeBob because it's funny. See how easily distracted I am???

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