Thursday, May 12, 2011


Last night, I began tearing apart my office, looking for a book to help my youngest with a report. All I have to show for it now are books stacked around my chair ~ but not the one I was looking for!

What I did find, however, were some books by authors I love. They're gently used. Actually, they appear quite new, even though I read them. So I'd like to pass them along to some of my readers.

The first two I'll give away are Facelift by the amazing and quirky Leanna Ellis and Through the Fire by Shawn Grady, a firefighting friend who also writes terrific stories. Click on the titles to read more about them.

To enter, leave me a comment with the title you'd like to win and the answer to this question: What did you have for dinner last night? (This will serve a two-fold purpose as I'm often out of meal ideas ... ;)


Laura L. Kirk said...

I would love to win Facelift. And for dinner... homemade chicken pot pie. My HUSBAND made it especially for my daughter who has a milk allergy! He used soy milk and everything! It was really yummy!

Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Julie, I would love to win Facelift. Last night we had homemade chili with brown rice, fruit salad, and oriental coleslaw. Pretty good for a quick supper.

Melinda Lancaster said...

I'd be happy to win either book.
We had thin crust pizza for dinner last night.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win Facelift. Last night for dinner I had chicken and rice and drank a diet coke w/lime
Angela from KY

Nancy said...

I would like to win Facelift, but would be happy with either book. Last night I had breakfast for dinner.
njones127 at tampabay dot rr dot com