Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back!

I've been trying to sign into Blogger all. week. long. Tried updating my browser, clearing cache, wiping away cookies, yada, yada, yada. Still won't work the regular way, but then a poster on the Blogger Blog gave this funky address to try, and suddenly, I'm in! Not sure if it'll work again, so I'll talk fast, ha.

Regarding American Idol, Scotty grew on me. I love Lauren too. Too bad they couldn't tie! There's a bunch of speculation out there that the two southern teens are dating. He denies it; she's being coy. Whatever. I just think they became very close during the season and Lauren got caught up in the moment when she gave him all those smackaroos on stage. Gotta say, though, that hearing Scotty whisper in Lauren's ear, "Love you, babe," was pretty telling. But who knows? They're young and pretty, so let's not rush them ...

College boy moved home yesterday, but he's already leaving town again tomorrow to visit new friends in their hometown. He'll be back in a week, though, because chop-chop, his new summer job at a local camp is starting then. All these college expenses are making mom and dad cash poor these days ~ and we've got another high schooler shopping for colleges. Egads! Please buy my books, won't you? Lol ... kidding. Not. Okay, I am.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend. It's a 3-dayer and it's warm and sunny on the central coast. Many prayers have been said for midwest friends who are facing serious weather challenges. Let's all pray that the storms don't come back, okay?

Have a beachy weekend, friends ~ wherever you are!

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