Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Too much sitting makes this writer-girl a cranky-girl, so I'm heading off to do some pilates in a few minutes. I can pretty much guarantee I won't be doing that pose over in the photo. First, my balance is sketchy, and second, that just looks weird. But I will be stretching and cracking things, hoping to shake loose some creativity. If you have an office job, I'm sure you can relate!

Before I go, there are a couple of giveaways of Fade to Blue happening on the web. Increase your odds and enter them both :) You can find interviews and giveaways at Lindsay Franklin's Blog and over at Sherry Kyle's place.

Okay, here I go. Pray I don't try a level three pose and come crashing down ... Lol


Diane said...

I love Pilates and yoga. Can't find one near me at a good time right now, so it's just the treadmill for me as of late. :O)

Charmaine said...

At the risk of sounding ancient, my knees ache, my elbows and back hurt and my whole body gets stiff if I sit too long. I have started doing deep knee-bends, stretching exercises and taking daily walks to alleviate the pain. I also don't eat much when I am writing. Although writing is work, it doesn't show up on the physical side of things, lol!