Monday, September 27, 2010

train daze

Taking a little excursion today to celebrate my mom's birthday. She's loved trains forever ~ my grandfather worked for the railroad ~ so we're hopping aboard for some scenery and treasure hunting. We took a longer excursion for a milestone birthday last that here. This will be a quicker trip, but lotsa fun too!

Here's to hoping my editor's not reading that I'm playing hooky today ...;-) Have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are!


Diane said...

Train riding is wonderful! Happy Birthday mama :O)

Everything Coastal said...

One of these days, now that I have finally moved to California, I would really love to take this train ride down the coast. Have a wonderful time with your mom!


Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, Diane! Didn't you say you're in the NY area? (sorry if I got that wrong.) If so, trains are a way of life there, aren't they? Took a train once from NYC to a friend's place in NJ :)

And Caron, we were on the Pacific Surfliner today. Since you're so far north, try to hop aboard the Coast Starlight some time. Maybe I already said this, but I've taken that trip at least twice to Oregon. SOOO fun! Not sure if this is still true, but we had a movie car and a wine & cheese reception in the later afternoon. You could take it south to San Diego, too.

Sharron Leaf said...

I remember reading about your train ride last year...has it been a year already? I love reading about your adventures.