Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cruizin' the beach

Saw another cool beach buggy down at the, well, at the beach yesterday. Pretty, huh? You can read my previous posts about beach ride obsessions here and here.

Hubby was with me at the time. Whenever I yarn on about beachy rides, he just nods and utters a contemplative, "Hmmm...." Like the other day when a guy in a VW Thing drove by and I swooned a little. So anyway, our youngest can't understand the obsession. She was with us when we walked by this red Country Squire and I just had to have a photo.

"I'd die if you ever picked me up from school in that thing, Mom. I'd die!"

"Not only would I," I told her. "But I'd strap a surfboard up top before heading out to your school!"

I might have even said 'pink' surfboard. LOL

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