Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Enchanted Hill

Turned in the edits of my next book, Fade to Blue, then supervised pre-teen girl as she finished up a monster science project. Phew! Next I turn to packing for my trip to Indy on Thursday. So many details ~ no idea how/if it'll all get done, so if you happen to see me at the ACFW conference wearing mismatched shoes...don't ask.

Anyway, hubby took this photo last time we toured the Hearst Castle. My next book is about a gal who restores art for the castle, so naturally, I had to pay La Cuesta Encantada (The Enchanted Hill) a visit. It rained that day, hence the old hat :-) We didn't care. The surrounding area is pristine, people, pristine! After sifting through the manuscript, and reading about tidepools teaming with glowing anemones, and art-filled rooms, and casual dinners at the Red Abalone Grill, the local (but fictional :) hangout, I can't wait to head up north to "Otter Bay" for a respite of my own.

Here's to enchanted getaways ... !

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