Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take a hike

So I had this crazy idea that life would slow a bit after I returned from Indy. That I'd sit out by the beach and watch the waves crash while thinking up fresh ideas to write about. Ha ha ha ... not. Anyone else do that? You think "After so and so, I'll have time to do so and so..."?


The good news is that I'm busy with good stuff (except for the laundry. That's bad. Very bad!) Writing and editing and working with the super cool 8th grade girls at youth group. I'm making plans with friends for coffees and lunches, and today I even managed to get to the BEACH with Charlie the Dog (woot!). And, yes, the stirrings of a new story idea piqued my interest as we walked along on this sunny day.

The moral of the story: get out of the office! Even if just for a bit. Never know what fresh new ideas will come your way. Know what I mean?

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Charmaine said...

I always get ideas while washing dishes and my hands are too soapy and wet to jot it down quickly! I tried using a little tape recorder, same deal.