Monday, August 03, 2009

Tea for five, si vous plais...

Spent some time this weekend over at Lori Kasbeer's cyber beach pad. If you'd like to read that interview and enter to win a free copy of Sweet Waters, hop on over by clicking this link.

As for other doings this weekend, I had High Tea in Beverly Hills yesterday with one of my daughters, my mother, and my sis in law--and my sis in law to be. We were actually there to celebrate her upcoming marriage to my brother (can't wait!!!). Haven't done High Tea in a very long time. Have you?

It was all very Grey Poupon, with a harpist, and fine china, and gloved attendants all around. The menu was appropriately high priced and we all remembered our manners. I'm not a huge tea drinker, but I determined to enjoy that part when~woohoo--guess what? They had chai. Chai Tea at High Tea. Seriously.

For some reason, I secretly thought chai was sort of the poor man's tea, a concoction so milky and rich and nutmegy that no high falutin' tea room would serve it. "Go down to Starbucks if you want that stuff," I figured they'd say.

But there it was, right on the menu, right next to the caviar and salmon crudites. Three of us, including Pre-Teen Daughter, ordered it. My mom informed our server that all the 'young people' wanted it. Lol... Thank you, Mom, for including me in that description!!!

Ah well, I'm back at home in my little beach community where the sun's shining, the sands dusting, and no one would admit to owning a harp. After wrapping up some much needed office cleaning, I'm going to head outside, and then, maybe later I'll walk to Starbucks for some, um, tea...;)

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Chrissy said...

I've had High Tea at the Ritz and it was a treat!

Your blog is so eye-catching, Julie! Great work!!