Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fair Daze

The Ventura County Fair starts today!!! Sooo much fun. Greasy corn dogs mixed with the smell of hogs, ah. On the upside, it's held at Seaside park, as in 'right next to the beach'--how many fairs can say that?

So it's dollar day and I'm thinking of running over there for at least a couple of hours to see what's new. Besides it makes for great people-watching fun--and as an author, I can't have too much of that, Lol.

Next week David Cook, yes, the American Idol David Cook, will be performing--big woot! If you're a local, you can read the details in this article.

How about you? Any fair-going in your neck of the world? Last year people actually paid to be flung into the air by a monstrous sling shot. Worth the price of admission to see that right there--haha. So what's the craziest thing at your fair?


Deborah said...

I've always loved the county fair. I've been trying to finish a quilt to enter in our fair for several years now..still not finished. My mother always wins best of show. Nothing really crazy at our fairs, but I've always been a huge fan of the swing.

Did you know about the contest with your book Sweet Water at B&H? Wish I could win those chairs.

Edna said...

the cover is so cute, bet it is a good book, your books are great.