Thursday, August 06, 2009

Have a Seat!

We survived the Fair, and I only got a *little* sunburn (forgot to put the sunscreen in my beach bag--sigh). Lots of fun, though, and I'll be heading back to Seaside Park next week to see David Cook!

Have you seen this?
If you receive my newsletter, then you already know that B&H Publishing Group is celebrating the release of Sweet Waters with this AMAZING giveaway!

They are giving away...wait for it...a set of two Adirondack chairs similar to those on my book's cover!!!

Here's how it works: Simply snap a picture of where you'd put these chairs (in your office, at the beach, by a tree, etc.), then e-mail the image along with your name to

For more details, here's the link to check out!

I've had a pair of Adirondacks for years and years, but alas, they're pretty rickety now. Wish I could enter--but I think that's against the rules =) So the very best to all of you who give this a shot. I get to take peeks at the pics, and I can't wait to see them!!!


Sarah said...

OK, what is it with David Cook and your town? (It's like he's there once a month;) When do us Canadians get a little love?
That's a great giveaway idea. Congrats on Sweet Water's release!

Edna said...

I would love to win those chairs, my husband used to make and sell them, a long long time ago, but her no longer does that type of things, But I would also love to win a book to read while I sit in my chairs, LOL I really love to read and if you are having a contest for a free book, please enter me.